What are the highlighted races on the ratings list?

What are the highlighted races on the ratings list?

On each day's ratings list we highlight two or three races which we consider the best races for a top two winner. Though the top rated can be backed profitably, the highlighted races are primarily intended as Dutching bets. There is a very high dutch bet success rate and some subscribers use this solely to make their profit.

What are the bracketed numbers at the end of the race descriptions?

These are numbers from (5) the best top rated of the day, down to (1) the most unappealing betting races of the day. They are added to show which races are the best for the ratings and thus to help you use the ratings to the best effect. The (3) , (4), and (5) have the highest strike rates for the clear and top two rated strike rate. The (4) and (5) races have the most impressive strike rate and would be hard to beat anywhere.

What is a Dutch bet?

A Dutch bet is simply backing two or more horses in a race or one horse in two or more races to make a profit if one of the horses wins. There are various ways to stake a dutch bet. There is the popular 7 / 3 method of staking. 7 points are bet on the shortest priced horse and 3 points are bet on the longest priced horse. You can also bet dutches in two other ways: 1) Bet a certain amount on each race; 2) Bet to win a certain amount on each race. There are two dutching calulators we recommend in which you input the prices available to bet. You can then either input the amount you want to win or the amount you want to stake. These calculators can be found here Oddschecker (Available via the "select a power tool" drop down box.) and here EBA (this is downloadable to your computer.)